Please find below all Consulates of Switzerland around the world


Pakistan - Lahore
Panama - Panama City
Portugal - Porto
Puerto Rico - San Juan
Reunion - Saint Denis
Russia - Saint Petersburg
Samoa - Apia
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Seychelles - Victoria
Sierra Leone - Freetown
South Africa - Cape Town
South Africa - Durban
South Korea - Busan
Spain - Barcelona
Spain - Bilbao
Spain - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Spain - Malaga
Spain - Palma de Mallorca
Spain - Valencia
Sweden - Gothenburg
Thailand - Chiang Mai
Thailand - Phuket
Togo - Lome
Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain
Turkey - Antalya
Turkey - Gaziantep
Turkey - Istanbul
Turkey - Izmir
Uganda - Kampala
United Arab Emirates - Dubai
United Kingdom - Belfast
United Kingdom - Cardiff
United Kingdom - Edinburgh
United Kingdom - Guernsey
United Kingdom - Manchester
United States - Atlanta
United States - Boston
United States - Buffalo
United States - Charlotte
United States - Chicago
United States - Cleveland
United States - Dallas
United States - Denver
United States - Detroit
United States - Honolulu
United States - Houston
United States - Indianapolis
United States - Kansas City
United States - Las Vegas
United States - Los Angeles
United States - Miami
United States - Minneapolis
United States - New Orleans
United States - New York
United States - Oklahoma City
United States - Orlando
United States - Philadelphia
United States - Phoenix
United States - Rehoboth Beach
United States - Salt Lake City
United States - San Francisco
United States - Seattle
Venezuela - Maracaibo
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
Yemen - Sanaa
Zambia - Lusaka

On this website you will find details on consulates around the world. We provide consulate addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, opening hours and more consulate information.

Foreign consulates are bilateral missions abroad. Foreign consulates promote foreign interests abroad. Consulates are subordinate to the embassies and focus on more specific activities.

A Consulate or Consulate-General is a diplomatic representative office or mission. The head of the Consulate or Consulate-General is a Consul or a Consul General.

A Honorary Consulate is generally a independent person who executes certain consular duties. A Honorory Consulate is headed by a Honorory Consul who often works as the diplomatic representative on a part-time basis and often has limited powers.