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Consulate of Portugal in Casablanca

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The Portugal Consulate in Casablanca is a satellite office of the Portugal Embassy in the region, manned by fewer staff, and headed by a Portugal national having the title Consul or Honorary Consul. The Portugal consulate would usually be able to provide most of the consular services given by a Portugal Embassy but on the spot, at a local level.
Consulate Services could be consular assistance to Portugal nationals who might be situated in or nearby Casablanca or to Morocco nationals who want to travel to Portugal. Any problems involving Portugal citizens over and above the scope of authority of the Portugal Consulate in Casablanca can always be referred on to the Portugal Embassy in Morocco itself.

Portugal Consulate Appointment - Many Consulates nowadays need visitors to make an appointment first before they visit the consulate. In most cases you are able to arrange an appointment by telephone or at the Consulate website. On the official website of the Portugal Consulate in Casablanca you can find all the information on opening hours and appointments.
Travel documents and Visa - The Portugal Consulate in Casablanca can inform every individual on Portugal passport and visa applications and procedures. However, not all consulates offer visa and/or passport services. The difference between the several consulates found in a certain country are the level of powers and size of these consulates. Some consulates are the bigger consulate-general and usually can assist in a wide scope of consular matters. Other smaller consulates are often manned by private citizens and are called honorary consulates. These honorary consulates often have limited powers. To find out more on the consular services provided by the consulate you can contact the Portugal Consulate in Casablanca directly by telephone or email.
Portugal Consulate Opening Hours: Please note that consulate opening hours may change without notice. Always contact the Portugal consulate in Casablanca before a visit.


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